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Don Winston, paranoid thriller






A child in danger. A family in denial. A mother on the verge.


From the author of S’WANEE, THE UNION CLUB, and THE GRISTMILL PLAYHOUSE comes a parent’s unholiest nightmare. 


Dillie Parker has built the perfect life: a fast-track magazine career, a loving and successful husband, a stunning Manhattan home, and, most importantly, a healthy baby boy after a string of failed attempts.


But the birth triggers a flood of weird and disturbing postpartum side effects—mood swings, paranoia, and ultimately a tragic accident.


Traumatized, Dillie flees back into the protective cocoon of her dysfunctional Tennessee family, where her troubles not only follow, but worsen. 


Her strong-willed mother insists it's a weakness of character. Her browbeaten father ignores the growing threat. Only her beloved and ailing grandmother prods her toward the awful truth. 


As her life and sanity spiral into chaos, Dillie has to confront what is either her darkest delusion or the most horrifying family secret: that an unspeakable evil has stalked them for generations. And is back with a vengeance to claim her most precious gift of all. 


Our Family Trouble. You can never go home again.

Don Winston, paranoid thriller






Fame Is A Madness.


He brought you S’WANEE: A PARANOID THRILLER and THE UNION CLUB: A SUBVERSIVE THRILLER. Now the curtain rises on Don Winston’s most fiendish tale yet. 


Betty Rose dreams of Broadway. Talented, ambitious, and obsessed, she was the biggest fish in college. But New York is a harsh wake-up. Unemployed and ignored, she faces a career as cocktail waitress instead of on the stage. And the clock is ticking. 


She jumps at an internship at the country’s most famous summer stock playhouse, in spite of its bizarre, all-controlling reputation. There, she joins a family of eccentric and endearing fellow actors and bonafide stars, lorded over by the benevolent dictator Rex Terrell. With nonstop shows to sold-out crowds—tucked away in a charming, Americana village—the Gristmill Playhouse is every actor’s summer dream.


But when a fellow intern mysteriously vanishes after a cryptic warning, Betty Rose struggles to separate truth from make-believe even as she rises toward stardom. Is her growing terror and dementia a form of self-sabotage, or is the Gristmill grooming her for a final curtain call?


The Gristmill Playhouse. There’s no business like it. 

Don Winston, paranoid thriller, the Union Club




If these walls could talk, they'd scream.


The mind that brought you S'WANEE: A PARANOID THRILLER takes you deep inside the world's most private club.


College sweethearts Claire and Clay Willing are determined to start their married life independent of his rich and powerful West Coast family. But the tragic murder of Clay’s older brother,coupled with his own stalled career, suddenly lures them to San Francisco and into the clutches of the Willing political dynasty.


Clay’s parents welcome Claire with open arms and ensconce her in their exclusive private club atop Nob Hill, where she mingles with the eccentric Bay Area elite and struggles to maintain her identity in the all-controlling Willing clan.


But her in-laws are the least of Claire’s worries as she unravels the freakish mystery of their son’s assassination and uncovers the shocking reason they were brought back into the fold. With no way out alive.

The Union Club. Where evil has its privileges.


Don Winston, Sewanee, paranoid thriller, S'wanee




A spellbinding campus. A new family of friends. A semester of death.


High school senior Cody's prayers are answered when he's recruited on scholarship to the college of his dreams: a stunning and prestigious school tucked high in the Tennessee hills.


But the dream turns living nightmare when his classmates start to die off mysteriously. Is it Cody's imagination, or are his friends' tragic deaths a sinister legacy handed down through the generations? And is he next on the roll call?


A coming-of-age, paranoid thriller in the vein of Ira Levin, S'WANEE weaves psychological suspense with dark humor in its brutal descent to a shocking climax.


S'wanee. Where old traditions die hard.

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